BOSTON BAKERS FOOD CONCEPT CORPORATION is a Filipino-owned private corporation formed and incorporated on February 25, 2011.  Our focus is on the production and sales of commercial breads namely pullman loaf, hamburger buns, hotdog buns, footlong buns; other cakes and pastries; and its recent product extension is peanut butter manufacturing.


The corporation is being managed by two generations of hard-working and competent employees members who are also officers of the company composed of the following:

            OUR MISSION:

  1. Delivered the high eat quality standards by using the best ingredients.
  2. Optimization of operations,thus we use of transportation model and lean management system.
  3. Adopt to market method; thru continous product development and innovation.
  4. Adopt to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  5. Deliver the best quality bread at the right time, right place and right freshness.

          CORE VALUES

  1. Based on Trust
  2. Based on Respect
  3. Based on Teamwork
  4. Based on Passion and Love to produce bread.
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